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Geisha Finca Deborah : a world of dreams and reality

Geisha Finca Deborah : a world of dreams and reality

Le 2018-05-10 14:41:27 La Categorie : Plantations, Specialty coffee

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Today, you’re invited to taste an accomplished dream.An unprecedented opportunity, a premiere to the world of coffee: a milestone to its history. A revolution to its taste.


L’Arbre   à   Café   has   been   ardently   devoted   to   the   arts   of   exceptional   coffees,   organic   and   biodynamic agricultures, direct trade and the founding of a New French Art of Coffee (Nouvel Art Français du Café) ever since it all started in 2009. The number of biodynamic coffee producers throughout the world can be counted on four hands. Only half of which produce exceptional coffees. Through ever-blooming collaboration, we accompany   them   all   in   prospect   of   crafting   precision. Raising   quality   towards   a   tangible   integrity   from humus to cup. That’s what makes our coffees unique. 

Three years ago we met Finca Deborah’s founder Jamison Savage for the first time. It was still undiscovered even from amateurs, because it hadn’t entered production yet. Jamison entered a second life as he started in coffee, leaving the financial world to espouse that of the earth. He considers it to be to sole value of the future. We talked about coffee, we tasted together and landed on the subject of biodynamics within the time it take to have a few sips. Admittedly,   it was about wine-applied Biodynamics but also to coffee: in agriculture and in the cup.

Already   three   years   ago   we   understood   that   he   was   the   kind   of   visionary   who   dares   to   jump   in   with everything for a try. And he was ambitious enough to succeed. Jamison developed his plantation on one of the foremost terroirs in the world, Volcan, northern Panama where one of the most delicate, complex and pursued varieties is to be encountered : Geisha. The two villages embedded in this exceptional terroir, Volcan and Boquete, are at the epicentre of the coffee world : similarly to Saint-Émilion, Beaune or Montalcino. When it comes to these villages, some are paralyzed by superlatives. Others, on the other hand know that they are a means of going even beyond. And to carve an even deeper groove.

And   today, well... it’s today. Ever since his coffees have been served by world champions and vice-champions - and they won- Jamison is known worldwide: the juries had never tried coffees of such quality before. Now his coffees are sold at top-market prices.

Needless to say we’re particularly moved and honored to foster some of Jamison’s most exclusive lots. The most moving being, of course, to see the world’s first Biodynamic Geisha in your cups.

What vintners and associations such as Biodyvin and Renaissance des Appellations have done in wine is arising in coffee. And it’s going fast. Our Coffee, next step project is being revealed in the cups. We’re very proud and happy to share it with all of you.

Jamison’s coffees give the world, the priceless opportunity to taste the difference between two exceptional coffees of the same kind : one grown on a Biodynamic lot for two years ; the next is grown conventionally. The   latter is covered with honors from around the globe and has won all the prizes. The first one, the Biodynamic one: a  unique lot takes us on a journey of a new kind. Of subtlety and finesse. Delicacy, complexity and unprecedented elevation.

Now. In order to celebrate the Autumn equinox - the symbol of balance and harmony, we offer you this uniquely insane opportunity of just a couple of kilos. A couple of kilos of unprecedented exclusive coffee :

Natural Geisha : two Ha of Biodynamic farming, the natural bourbon is exceptional for its complex, intense red-fruit strawberry aromas. Its texture is remarkably silky, its body is deep and its balance is intensely round. This make it, a truly exceptional coffee.

Washed Geisha : two Ha of Biodynamic farming, this washed Geisha is exceptional throughout the whole experience. Its intense coffee flower, elderberry and rose complex aromatics; its silky texture and incredibly round balance make it a front-row exceptional coffee. Shortly, conventionally farmed Natural Geisha and Washed Geisha will be on our shelves. Together with a fabulous Biodynamic Natural Red Bourbon.

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