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101 words of coffee

101 words of coffee

Le 2017-12-06 17:33:21 La Categorie : News,

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A poetic alphabet of coffee, full of information, sometimes playful, sometimes precise, sometimes even carnal. This collective work was directed by L’Arbre à Café.

Since 2009, one of the goals of L’Arbre à Café is the transmission and diffusion of high quality coffee. Thanks to its narrow and direct collaboration with coffee producers, chefs and food professionals, by selecting rare and biodynamic crops, buy roasting precisely but in an artisanal way and by pushing innovation, l’Arbre à Café works continuously towards the foundation of a new french art of coffee. With its beliefs in excellence, short distribution, biodynamic principles and innovations, writing Les 101 mots du Café felt like an evidence.

Les 101 mots du café is the meeting of all the actors in the world of coffee, from producers to aficionados, without forgetting roasters or taste experts. They all evolve in this caffeinated world, in an often essential manner.
More than 90 contributors talk about their favourite field, their own special coffees, and show you their own take on this mysterious cup, so complex and full of flavour that some even use it to read their fortunes.

There are coffee professionals, in its cultivation (farmers), its fermentation, its roasting or in its final preparations (baristi). Sometimes they are even world champions, or star producers. Other evolve in fields which do not directly involve coffee, but sometimes incorporate it: chefs such as Anne Sophie Pic, Yves Camdeborde or Guy Savoy, doctors with Henri and Jean Soyeux, sommeliers, or service with Denis Courtiade. Some affiliations more subtle, such as with music, theatre or perfumes, but share a sensibility.
They are French or Navarese, but above all, they come from this global village, animated and pulled forwards by Coffee, and mostly Specialty Coffee. Everyone brings a new point of view on Coffee, useful, sensitive and uplifting.
An ideal book for lovers of good coffee and good food!

Here is a selection of words, taken from Les 101 Mots du Café. Every week, we will publish new extracts on our facebook page:

Kawa , café, coffee , caffè, as many words that inhabit out day to day life and our imagination, fill our lives and our homes with aroma and memories. A loyal friend in the key moments in life. “Let’s go take a coffee”, symbol on an urban way of life, that of cafes, books, and theatres. Reminiscent of zinc counters and corner cafes, the “petit noir” as they say in France is a unique companion to our existence, a universal and intimate beverage. More than two billion cups are drank daily in the world, and yet we hardly know anything about this nectar, originating from Ethiopia and Africa, and that is currently achieving its recognition and taking its rightful place in the pantheon of gastronomy.
Preface by Anne-Sophie Pic - Three Star Chef ***

In the beginning, were the coffee bean and the roaster. And the bean was in his hands. The bean needed the roaster, and the roaster, the bean. He saw that the bean was good and said : “Let me roast you, I will make you a new bean, that which you must become, that which I know you can become [...]

Grégory Sarafian, Roaster for L'Arbre à Café

[...] the crack starts when the walls of the cells are at their most fragile point. A seasoned roaster can detect where the crack will happen on the bean itself. A lot of energy is liberated in this brief moment. The bean becomes endothermic again at starts a new cycle of augmentation and internal pressure, until the second crack [...]

Veda Viraswami

[...] I infinitely love the coffee macaron. One needs to have tatsed it at least once in their life [...] The discovery, thanks to Hippolyte Courty of Grand Crus coffees, such as Iapar Rouge from Brasil, or Bourbon Pointu from the Reunion Island change everything for me. Yesterday’s Pierre Hermé macaron is today both the same and yet completely different. More than a sensation, it now has the true Infiniment Cafe taste

Pierre Hermé, Pastry chef

[...] aroma is fragrance, and fragrance is memory. Olfactive memory is a powerful means of reminiscion. There are thousands of fragrances, aromas, in coffee. I will cite four, which affect me particularly, and I know that each and everyone can add their own to the list.        
Aroma of coffee, aroma of childhood. The fragrance that resonates the most id of course the aroma of coffee escaping from the pot in the morning. This warm and powerful smell travels everywhere in the house, and reaching our sleeping nostrils, summons a chain of memories, pleasures, stimulations, and awakenings. This coffee is my personal Proust madeleine, my childhood, my home, the aroma of happiness [...]

Jean-Michel Duriez, Nez

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